• Mission

    To provide teaching and training in journalism, consultancy services to mass media and conducting communication research.


    A competitive Tanzania media sector, with journalist who are professional, extra ordinary thinkers and economic able to communicate for development.

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Fanikiwa Journalism School (FJS)

Fanikiwa Journalism School is a private educational institution located at Arusha kwa Mrombo. The school is a constituent organization of Fanikiwa Education Foundation, a non-profit making organization. The organization is headed by Board of Directors. The Directors are the highest level of the school management.

The school  conducts educational Journalism Studies in compliance with the NACTE standards and other media stakeholders by conducting  Journalism program at NTA Levels 4- 6. The school has modern physical to accommodate a number of sections, administrative offices, canteen, staff room, girls and boys dormitories/ hostels, and security room. The School intends to set high standards in moral discipline and academic performance that serves as a reference both nationally and internationally.

The School is financed by Fanikiwa Education Foundation, that  has raised funds which renovated buildings, recruited staff, acquired computers, books, cameras, and scholastic materials. The school is expected to be run with minimum external funding. The school is financial viable basing on the budgeted income statements. In academic performance, it is planned that the school will be one of the top Colleges offering Certificates and Ordinary Diploma in Journalism industry in Tanzania. This will be through application of effective teaching delivery methods, approved curriculum, admission of quality students and employment of highly qualified, experienced and well – motivated teaching and non – teaching staff.

The school is strategically located and has the full support of the Board of Directors, Authorities, parents and the communities at large. Since the school is offering and continues to offer market driven courses that are affordable; its graduates will become job creator rather that job seekers.

School educational programs are structured to recognize that each student is an individual, and that the school is ready to enable each individual to benefit fully to the opportunities it affords. The school holds out to all persons, regardless of race, creed, color, gender, or political opinion, the opportunity of acquiring education.

The school is located at Olasiti – opposite Luck Vicent Primary School Oljoro Road, 50 meters from Barabara Mpya Field Force Unit mini-bus stop along the Oljoro road, It is about 6 kilometers from Arusha main bus station or 20 minutes  drive. The school can be reached on by various means; by tax, motorcycle,  public transports (daladala) or by using private transport.