In all its endeavors, Fanikiwa Journalism School will strive to serve the vest interests of these key stakeholders;

Students: Students are the heart of Fanikiwa Journalism School and the school will seek to work in close, consultative relationship with the Arusha journalism training College Student Association.

Faculty: Proud of its faculty and their commitment to ministry, Fanikiwa Journalism School seeks involve its faculty extensively in planning for the future as well as in current decision making.

Board: The board members of Fanikiwa Journalism School have always made sacrificial commitments to the welfare of the college, which owes to them both formal accountability and warm recognition and appreciation.

Donors: The sustaining donors who make service of Fanikiwa Journalism School possible have vital and legitimate interest in the future direction of the organization.

Alumni: Our alumni, represented though the Fanikiwa Journalism School Alumni Council, are the group that ultimately fulfill the mission of Fanikiwa Journalism School, and the college must every effort to maintain the strongest ties of respect and participation.