Fanikiwa Journalism School is committed to nurturing on its campus, in its programs, and among its faculty, staff, and students these key values are.

Integrity: We are committed to integrity in every aspect of our operation and pledge ourselves to the highest standards of truthfulness and obedience to law.

Excellence: Our values are honored when our efforts evidence care, wisdom, thoughtfulness, knowledge and skills.

Moral: This is evidenced by being able to guide thoughts, words and behavior according to religion, social and political norms and traditions of the society in which we live.

Intellectual: We are committed toward students, understanding and comprehending the subjects that they are trained for. Also to have the ability to understand the normal rules and regulations of the organization/ institutions and directions given by the lawful authority.

Community: We believe spiritual, personal and academic developments are best accomplished within the context of warm and peacefully atmosphere.

Service: We value humble services to others freely in responses to the love of God.