College facilities
FJS has the following tools and items for teaching, practicing and accommodating students.

A Mini-library room with a capacity of 2,000 volumes of books which are used for teaching and referencing relevant subjects. Students are allowed to borrow books from the library following the college’s pre-defined rules.

Production Studios
Multimedia production studio for Video and TV production, ready for the students undertaking video shooting and television production.

Computer Laboratoryajtc computer lab
A full equipped computer laboratory used for teaching and practicing computer applications and other related issues involving computers.

Radio studio
A college’s studio for radio broadcasting teaching and practicing is available for the students equipped with latest devices including computer, mixer, condenser etc.

Accommodation Facilities.ajtc studio
College can accommodate about 100 students by their own or their sponsors’ accommodation costs if a student prefer to do so, although it is optional and the college has no any influence on this, FJS posses standard beds, sleeping mattresses and rooms which are not far from classes for students who will be accommodated in the college’s hostels.

Other facilities
Includes a number of classrooms, television screens, camcorders, still cameras etc which are effectively used for teaching and practical issues.